Meals at the hotel

At the Hotel Hulingen you will find a Lunch of the Day, Catering and a Pub with an evening menu. The lunch is closed v.26-32, warm welcome again v.33

We want the food we prepare to be permeated by the same genuine feeling that characterises the rest of the hotel. It is all about food prepared with warmth and feeling.

To give you a really good start to the day, our breakfast buffet includes healthy options and our menu also has organic options - both when it comes to food and drink.

Whether you are peckish for lunch, or something from our evening menu, or if you want to order catering from our kitchen, we hope you will appreciate the tastes our kitchen offers.

Restaurant is closed on Sundays (summertime open every day)

The small pub with the wonderful atmosphere.

If you are feeling peckish, we offer everything from à la carte to simple pub food. Most of the food come from the nearby farmers.


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